Feb 16th Pricing Plans on Shared Web Hosting Services has been changed

Hi All. 

We have changed the plans of our Shared Web hosting Services.  Annual Hosting charges now start from 750 INR.  
Also Discontinued monthly and semi-annual billing plans on Web Hosting services.


Feb 14th Migration Notice: Old services running on our Italy Datacenter are Discontinuing.

Hi All, This is to notify you that our older web hosting servers that are running on Italy Datacenter will be discontinued by 15 May 2022.  Accounts that are hosted on the affected servers will be migrated to our servers on the Datacenter Hosted in Prague ( Czech Republic ). Account migrations will be carried out with minimum downtime in a ... Read More »

Nov 8th Minor Updates on GameServer Control Panel

Hello Friends,

Our Gameserver Control Panel has been updated.  We have improved the File Mangement Features with more advanced file editor. 
File editor now has syntax highlighting feature for xml, cfg, gsc,gsx etc which will be useful for gameserver managers as well as mod developers. 
Enjoy Coding

Sep 25th RazorPay is now available

Hello Friends, 

We have signup with RazorPay Team for accepting and managing payments and invoices. You can now make your payments more simple and easier.  If you do not feel comfortable or if payment attempts are failing with Paypal or our other payment gateways, you can definitely try this new one. 

Best Regrards,
SMV Host Team

Aug 8th Scheduled Maintenance on 13th August 2019 (Bangalore DC)

Hello, We will be executing maintenance on our Indaia-Bangalore hosted servers with minimum possible downtime to each services. During the proces game servers and web services hosted on the machines might get restarted or stalled. Maintenance scheduled between 12.00 am - 10.00 am of 14th August 2019.Do not hesitate to contact Support if you have ... Read More »

Sep 7th Celebrating 3rd Anniversary of SMV Host !

Hello Friends,We are proudly announcing that it is been 3 years since we launched our hosting services. We started with website http://smv.servegame.com as a game hosting venture and later expanded with web services such as web hosting, VPS hosting, web development, software development, e-commerce solutions, etc. We are aware that we were ... Read More »

Aug 22nd Manual / Support Services are Suspended till 30th August

We apologise for the interruption in our support services. Due to flood and communication issues due to bad weather conditions in our locality (Kerala India), all our manual services/support/assistance may be suspended till 30th August.


Jun 25th Improvements in Paytm Scan Payment Gateway for Indian Clients.

Hi Friends,There have some changes & improvements in our Paytm Scan Gateway. It used to take 5-10 minutes for confirmation of Paytm Payments that paid by scanning the QR code on the Invoice page. Now it confirms instantly within 2 minutes and redirects you to the receipt page if it matches your payment amount and your registered mobile number ... Read More »

Jun 25th Domain Registration Facility is now available

Hello Everyone,

We now have Domain registration facility available on our website for selected TLDs. Available TLDs are .com, .net, .org, .info, .tk , .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq .

SMV Host

May 24th New Datacenters at Sydney and Tokyo are now available

Hello Everyone, We now have Datacenters available for game server hosting and web cloud hosting services at Sydney and Tokyo region. Since our instant setup facility is not fully functional with our new DC, some orders will be managed manually or might take up to 1hr for installation. These datacenters are now limited to premium orders like ... Read More »