Hello Friends,

We are proudly announcing that it is been 3 years since we launched our hosting services. We started with website http://smv.servegame.com as a game hosting venture and later expanded with web services such as web hosting, VPS hosting, web development, software development, e-commerce solutions, etc. 

We are aware that we were completely inactive on social media like facebook, twitter, Discord etc,  and we are surviving without much promotions or advertisements for our services. In that sense, we consider it as our biggest success. 
Quality of our services itself was our primary promotional strategy. There was No promotional Emails, Not much Promo offers, No spamming on websites or community forums/channels, and not much-canvassing programs for clients, people came to us mostly hearing about the features and services by word and mostly through friend circles. 
There were also affiliate programs for our clients to bring more customers for us, even very few utilized those programs, though it was effective. 

As a Game Hosting Venture, We served more than 100 clans/teams. Following are some of the popular clans/teams that we served for more than 5 months and they helped us to become the best.

OverclockedGamer[OG] (India)
GOG Deathrun [GoG] (India)
TabnQ (India)
404apps (India)
SBE (Germany)
Pain Nation [PN]
KlB (India)
A2 (India)
RGR Cod2 
DarkInferno [Di]
NOS (India)
NBD (India)
4$D (India)
eV` (India)
TG (India)
XtremeWarZone [xWz]
TitanForce [TF]
InfamousBoyz [IBZ]
Wiss Gaming [EDW]
STS [XFR] (SriLanka)
PerfectShooters (SriLanka)
Hell's Kitchen (India)

We are expecting your continued support and we will deliver you with the best hosting and development services.

If you are not our registered user, then please visit https://smvhost.in . You can also register for our services at https://clientarea.smvhost.in/register.php 
If you are satisfied with our services, please recommend it to your friends, or utilize our affiliate program. 

Thanks & Regards

Friday, September 7, 2018

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