Getting too much lag on gameserver ? / How to fix lag ?

Everyone takes word 'lag' in a different meaning. There are lags due to higher ping fluctuation, fps (frame) drop, packet drop, lag due to server/script errors.

Ping Lag: Getting high ping or getting fluctuated ping? :
If you are getting a high ping or getting fluctuated ping. There is nothing much to do on the server side.
All you can do is to optimize your network or changing your ISP or changing Server location to a data center near to you.

If you are getting a high ping on one server and you are getting better ping on another server in the same datacenter, it depends on your ISP, as your ISP decides the packet route to your destination. Sometimes ISP routers unable to determine the route/path to the destination server/port, So it uses predefined path which might cause a ping hike.

FPS/Frames drop Lag :
Its depend on your machine specification and config values.
Mostly it happens due to overheating of your system or lack of hardware resources like less RAM, HardDisk utilization or when a background process/software is running.
In some cases, it might be due to use of mod/scripts that uses too much hardware resources. It affects mostly at the client side.
The solution at server side is to remove script/mods if there any.
The solution at client side is to use a better cfg or disable or reduce some graphics settings of game or upgrade system.

Packet Drop : (redlines at lagometer)
Likewise Ping it also depends on the network. There are a number of servers that handle your data packet on its way from your system to your destination game server. It includes some ISP/Gateway servers. Packet Loss/Drop can occur at any of those servers.
So you can do an MTR test so that you can identify at where your packet gets missing. You can download MTR tool from . A packet count from 50 - 100 gives an optimal result.

Server Lag (Script or error lag):
If the lag is caused at server side, the server will print the error message at the console in almost all cases.
If everyone in your server feels a CI for a few milliseconds and server prints "Hitch warning: xx milliseconds" on console screen continuously, then please contact support immediately.
If the server is printing script error, you should contact the author/provider of your mod. Or if you are running any scripts you should remove it or contact its author to fix the issue.

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