B3 not Working? / TroubleShoot B3

Functioning of B3 relies on various settings.  Check following settings. 

Navigate to B3 control page -> Edit -> go to custom fields

1. Set correct Rcon password of the server
   First Make sure your server has set up with a valid Rcon password, (See Rcon Setup instructions). Test your server rcon is working or not by connecting to it using any rcon tool. If server rcon is working, then provide the same rcon password at b3 settings. Else if server rcon is not working, make sure that rcon password is set up correctly on the server side.

2. Game log path (path to the file where your game saves the logs )

    In case of Cod4 Servers
    For unmoded server game log path will be like
    For moded server game log path will be like
      home/path/to/your/server/mods/{mod folder}/games_mp.log
          Example: home/path/to/your/server/cod4/mods/pml220/games_mp.log
     If smvcontroller plugin is loaded on the server, then your mod path will be like
        home/path/to/your/server/main_smv_<server port>/games_mp.log
            Example: home/path/to/your/server/main_smv_28960/games_mp.log

    Also, Log and Log sync should be enabled at server side (server.cfg)  

    Recommended log settings:
    set g_logsync "1" // 0=no logsyc, 1= log sycing enabled set logfile "1"
    set g_log "games_mp.log"

3. Set correct Rcon IP & Public IP of the game server (Ip address of your server)

4. Set correct Parser name :
    cod4 for the older version of cod4 & cod4x18 for newer cod4x v18 build 1458 or later servers. parser value depends on game, check b3.xml for other game parser list

5. Set correct Database details as provided (Check your Mysql Databases)
6. Save settings

7. Stop your B3 server.. then start... (Don't use restart, it might not update the changes)

If B3 is still not working after setting correct values, then open b3.log file inside conf folder of B3 file system and look for errors at the last lines. If you are unable to understand the error, send b3.log file to support@smvhost.in

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