How to Install Cod4 custom maps

To Install custom maps, Please note that custom maps are only possible with a mod server & also depend on the mod you are using

1.Create a folder named 'usermaps' in the root directory of cod4 server along with 'main' folder (if it's not there)
2. Upload map files to that folder
    Example: usermaps/mp_nuketown
    Use ftp tools like filezilla or winscp for uploading larger files greater than 10 Mb
3. Add the map name to sv_mapRotation list of respected mod's server.cfg
example: sv_mapRotation "gametype war map mp_strike gametype war map mp_nuketown"
4. Restart server or Execute cfg files
    (Execute cfg files by entering exec filename.cfg at server console or through any rcon tool )

Note: Panel might not allow uploading files greater than 8MB. So use any FTP tools like Filezilla or WinSCP for uploading files to Server. (Use your FTP Acount Details)

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